Investing Commercial Real Estate using a Self-Directed IRA

Join us for a discussion with Jonathan Leiter of Excelsior Capital where we will be discussing how to invest in Commercial Real Estate using a Self-Directed IRA.

We want to help Self-Directed IRA Investors like you take control and invest in what they know, and are comfortable with outside of the stock market.

The strategy with Excelsior Capital centers around the belief that real estate assets are undervalued in secondary markets that possess strong underlying economic fundamentals. Join us to hear their insights.

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Director of Investor Education and Onboarding @iPlanGroup

Roberta brings educational training expertise, understanding of business ownership in the construction industry, including tax-advantaged retirement accounts, and new business development strategies. Roberta’s “real world” experience brings a dynamic experience to Self-Directed IRA educational events and makes the content easy to understand. 

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